Get cash for your home

Need to sell as quickly and efficiently as possible, with as little hassle as possible? Easy! Just have Kaminsky Real Estate Group’s Ed Kaminsky buy your home outright.

Step #1

Get in touch with Ed, who will go over the details, pros and cons of selling your home to KRG.

Step #2

Ed visits and tours your home takes extensive pictures then sends all info to our purchasing partner HomeLight.

Step #3

HomeLight determines your property’s value in addition to the net that you will receive for the sale.

Step #4

After seeing if a home inspection alters its value, your property sells and you receive your check.

What home-selling headaches does this cure?


There’s no room for any headaches to even begin since the entire process is handled for you.


Your home is guaranteed to sell as fast as possible, which means lightning-quick access to the proceeds.


There’s no need to worry about updating your home. Sell as-is and get it all over with!

How do I get started?

It couldn’t be easier… just pick a button. You can get in touch with Ed immediately, or you can receive a free, computerized market evaluation of your home for a general idea of its value (final appraised value will vary).

Whatever your headaches are, the cure starts with this form.

Looking for your next home yet?